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Hair Density Chart


40%: This density shows a reasonably higher amount of scalp and favored by older women who lean towards the thinner look.    


50%: This density goes perfectly with lace bases. The amount of scalp visible is just enough and it does not give a very thin look either. Ideally this density is preferred along the front hairline gradually adding on more at the back for a fuller look.  


60%: This density is preferred by women who favor the lighter look. The amount of scalp visible is reasonable enough to look natural.   


70%: This density provides a slightly thicker look allowing a fair amount of scalp to be shown. This would look best on women who prefer a not so thick look.   


80%: This density is recommended for use as density for hairline and is ideal for women who prefer the thicker yet not heavier look. The hair in this case does not look too thick and has a real and naturally healthy look which shows just as much scalp as would be visible in an average head of hair.


90%: This density gives a full and thick natural look and shows just enough scalp that more or less completes the picture of a natural look.


100%: This is considered as the ideal density for a completely natural look. Unless you prefer a full look it is advisable for women especially in the age range of 30-35 to avoid going beyond this density as it would then lean towards an unnatural look practically hiding more of the scalp than an average head of hair.


120%:  This density is usually opted for by women who prefer a fuller look. The scalp is visible only on parting and this density is ideal only for girls in their teens and for younger women.




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