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Secret Hair Club

Secret Hair Club

Membership Fee: $79.00

Have Flawless Hair Everyday!

Join the Secret Hair Club Auto-Ship Program.

Get 1 Fresh New Lace Front Wig Every 4 Months! Plus Lace Wig Adhesive Kit Every 4 Months!

No More Ugly Lace Days!  No More Getting Caught Without Lace Wig Adhesive!

No Large Down Payments!  No Risks!  Cancel Anytime!




Get 1 New Lace Front Wig Every 4 & Attachment Kit Every Month!

Auto Ship

Cost Per Month 

 Membership Fee


10 Inch Length




12 Inch Length




14 Inch Length




16 Inch Length




18 Inch Length




20 Inch Length




Need to Add Longer Hair Length or Lighter Color or Change Type of Hair?

Program plan prices reflect the cost of a standard undetectable 100% Indian Remy Lace Front Wig.  Every lace front we provide comes clean and knots sealed with up to 20" of hair length and in colors ranging from #1 Jet Black to #4 Dark Brown. Knots are completely bleach (super bleached) to give a realistic, flawless look. If your desired hairstyle requires more than 20"(5* for every inch longer) of hair length, color lighter than #4 Medium Brown (5*), highlights, Asian Remy (9*), Malaysian (13*), or upgrade from lace front wig to a full lace wig (19*) then for a small additional charge you may opt to select a different length and lighter color during your initial SHC program sign up.  List other colors and or lengths in comments.   We have custom lengths up to 28" long! 

*Down payment and recurring monthly charges will be re-calculated during auto-ship enrollment process.

*You will receive your first unit after the fourth payment.

* Per month.


 - Fresh New Units Constantly!

- Attachment Kit Four Month!

- No Maintenance Cost!

- No More Repair Fees!

- Brand New Look Often!

- No Waiting 6 to 8 Weeks to Complete!

- Low Monthly Payment!

- Low Down Payment!

- No Long Term Contracts!

- Automatic Shipment!

- Anyone Can Qualify for this Program!

- Never Have Bad Hair Days!

- Never Get Caught Without Adhesive!


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